Ended up at 1 Oak


I have a preference for beautiful people and beautiful places. 1 Oak after all these years still delivers both of them. It’s full of leather banquettes and a grand oak ceiling. The floor has a black and white zigzag pattern and the gold curtains adorning the brick walls give it a majestic touch. In between those brick walls you will find predominately young beautiful people. Celebrities can be seen almost daily, and lots of models. The ratio is phenomenal for both sexes, and the line still goes down the block (we don’t wait in lines).

The service is one of the best we’ve experienced in a New York City club. Once seated at your table the nearest security will give you his number to call or text if needed. The service staff, including bartenders and bottle servers are beautiful and pleasant. Some of the best DJ’s in the world spin here through a top notch sound system.

Dress to the 9’s, show up with some 10’s, and remember… Jay-Z ended up at 1 Oak. It’s exclusive. It’s 1 Of A Kind. That’s why we like it.


453 West 17th Street #1
New York, NY 10011
(212) 242-1111

Tuesday – Sunday: 11pm – 4am

Cover: $30
Drinks at the bar: $20 per drink
Tables Starting at $1,500 – $3,000 depending on the night


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