Skylight on Broadway


Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy star in a masterful revival of David Hare’s 1995 play, Skylight, which opens at the John Golden Theater tonight. Fresh off their Olivier Award-nominated London run—an award the play received for Play of the Year when it first opened—this masterful display of acting is a must-see for New York theater-lovers.

Aside from a brief interjection by the delightful Matthew Beard, the whole of Skylight on Broadway rests on the shoulders of the capable Mulligan and Nighy as Kyra Hollis and Tom Sergeant. When Tom unexpectedly drops by Kyra’s apartment three-years after the end of their long running affair, and one-year after the death of his wife, the couple is forced to confront their relationship head on. The entire play takes place in Kyra’s run-down apartment, where three years of resentment are laid bare as emotions simmer and the night unfolds.

The beauty of Hare’s work rests in his examination of guilt, and how we cope with the decisions we’ve made. It’s a painfully exquisite look at the lies we tell ourselves to survive, and while much of the script is delivered via argument, Nighy’s cool swagger and charm keep the play from overwhelming the audience. Mulligan’s performance is beautiful, and she does real justice to the intelligent, conflicted woman that Hare gives her to portray.

Despite its intense, emotional subject matter, Skylight is a great depiction of what talented movie-stars can do on the stage when given the right material.

“Skylight” is now on limited run until June 21st at the John Golden Theater on West 45th Street.


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