The Greenwich Hotel – Tribeca


It’s true that Tribeca has a higher glam-factor than many New York City neighborhoods; it’s home to Hollywood bigwigs Robert De Niro, Taylor Swift, and even Beyonce and Jay-Z have been known to spend downtime strolling the cobblestone streets. It follows suit then that one of our favorite boutique hotels should find it’s residence among the old-world New York prestige that only the long-traversed paths below Canal can offer. The Greenwich Hotel, located on the corner of Greenwich Street and Moore Street (and incidentally, co-owned by Robert De Niro), is a combination of history, style and comfort. Inside you will find the decadent-yet-cozy atmosphere that makes this hotel a home away from home for travelers and NYC residents alike.

Each room is it’s own brand of trendy. Wood paneling, leather and velvet upholstery, vibrantly colored rugs and walls, quirky knick-knacks – it is clear that meticulous care went into the creation of every detail of this hotel. Your room ends up feeling like your own personalized space, right down to the choice of books on the shelf. The fire in the drawing room often burns all night, illuminating the pinks pops of color in the room, and cultivating the delicious coziness we were telling you about. The hotel’s in-house restaurant, Locanda Verde, shares the vibes of the hotel itself, with its comforting expanse black leather seating, towering windows and exposed brick walls.

The Greenwich Hotel brings a whole new level of esteem to the NYC hotel realm; while comprehensive in character and opulent in design, it is a distinctly warm and welcoming environment. Robert De Niro’s creative genius struck again when it brought this place to life. And if it’s good enough for Bob, it’s good enough for us.

377 Greenwich St.
New York, NY 10013


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