Artists and Fleas- Williamsburg- On the Streets


This place is fun with friends, or a date, or even if you are trying to while away a weekend afternoon in the pleasure of your own company. You may be familiar with the location in Chelsea Market, but we prefer the Williamsburg location for the apt setting inside a hipstergang’s paradise, just a stone’s throw from Williamsburg Music Hall.

Artists and Fleas is an indoor market filled with vintage items of every variety, handmade clothing, jewelry, artwork and crafts. You may not even realize how much is missing from your clothing and accessories collection until you’re inside, surrounded on all sides by super-chic, one-of-a-kind items positively begging to be added to your closet. Make sure you’ve stocked up on patience before you arrive, because it will definitely be crowded and slow-moving, but very much worth the trouble. You’ll find everything from candles and home accessories to handcrafted necklaces to hats and t-shirts repping your favorite NYC neighborhoods. You will absolutely end up spending more time inside that you intend, and you will almost definitely leave with a smattering of fun purchases.

The location is quite close to the water, so take a stroll westward when you’re on your way home. You can walk along the docks near the East River Ferry, take in a great view of lower Manhattan, and spend some time crooning over your trendy new adornments.

Prices range from steals to serious investments, so depending on the state of your pocketbook, expect to spend anywhere from $10-$500 or more.
70 N 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Open: Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm


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