Ivy Park by Beyonce – Style


Fitness attire is no longer just for hitting the gym – the streets of New York are becoming quite often characterized by a glamorous take on spandex and sports-line slogans. If you want to sport some of the the trendiest gym attire available now, Ivy Park is the brand you are looking for.

Welcome to Beyonce’s fitness line, this half-named for her first daughter Blue Ivy and co-launched with London-based fashion retailer Top Shop, is a collection of fun, one-of-a-kind cuts, colors and fabrics that are designed for both sweat and sass. The leggings are universal- extremely supportive and flexible for movement, with a look and feel that can easily be used for a daily ensemble, and the lightweight tops are stylish enough to steal the show in a low-lit lounge as well as on the stair master. The windbreakers and parkas are our particular favorites, with large overlapping pockets in camouflage and army green patterns that stand out as cool and confident, and most importantly in the upcoming Spring months, rain resistant. Some of the pieces can be transitioned easily from day to night-wear, and when paired with jeans, can hardly be noticed for their origins in the weight room. Great flexibility and styling.

Perhaps the greatest part of Ivy Park is that it is housed in Top Shop indefinitely, unlike some of the other brand launches at the retailer. It can get pricier depending on fit and genre, so depending on how much you need in your closet, expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $500 or more. A sport style unlike anything you have seen before.

You can find Ivy park Available online or in stores at at Topshop.com, Nordstrom.com, and LordandTaylor.com, or online at ivypark.com.


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