The Stand – Date night


If you’re a little nervous pulling off a killer date night, there is a venue that will do all the work for you. The Stand will set the tone for the whole evening, even if you do dinner beforehand. Although those of us who are untraversed through NYC’s comedy sphere would expect to head to the village for a great night of comedy, this well-known club is found in Flatiron, settling into third avenue amongst the sports bars and neighborhood pubs.

When you walk in, try not to collide with the entourage of your favorite hot-shot comedian, who will routinely pop in for an impromptu set in front of a awe-struck audience. But even if you miss a Kevin Hart drop-in, the setlist of comedians will not disappoint. Ladies, go easy on the mascara if you’re a laugh/cry-er, because stiches of laughter are unavoidable.

Purchase your tickets online and arrive a little early- when the performance is underway, you will be ushered downstairs into the dark, low-ceilinged setting that will house the remainder of the evening. Waitresses weave throughout the small clusters of chairs and tables to take drink and food orders, and they make sure to have those refills handy shortly after you’ve taken your last sip. The liquid courage may be necessary if you’re sitting in the front; comedians tend to take advantage of their closest voyeurs for a disparaging joke or two. Not to worry, it’s all in good fun- but if you’re shy, or, as many an unfortunate audience member has been in the past, on a first date, you may be more comfortable in the back. Tailoring your place in the crowd is easy enough; if you want to sit up front, stand towards the stairs when it’s getting close to showtime. If you’d prefer to hide a bit further back, wait around the bar area behind the stairs.

239 Third Avenue New York, NY 10003

Tickets are $15 and food and drinks are standard fare.
Expect to pay $35-50 a person.


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