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The Lower East Side is the hub of many a trendy spot- whether it be for a bite to eat, or a night on the town. All these accommodations combine inside the Hotel Indigo, which can also house an overnight stay once your night inside it’s enchanting walls has undoubtedly turned into one for the books.

This intimate boutique hotel, when paired with the history of the surrounding cobblestone streets and notable modern landscape, creates a truly unique experience for the Indigo’s temporary residents. Not only will every guest enjoy the plushest bedding inside a hardwood floor-adorned urban paradise, but every room is complete with spa-inspired bathrooms and Jacuzzi tubs- this, for a boutique hotel in New York City’s Lower East Side, is rather notable. There is also 24-hour fitness center for the wellness-inclined visitors, and a popular restaurant and bar inside the hotel. Despite being nestled in one of the most remarkable neighborhoods in Manhattan, guests of Hotel Indigo may find little reason to traverse the realm outside it’s doors.

Suites are adorned with individualized touches to make travelers feel as if they’re inside their own trendy SoHo apartment, some complete with walls mounted with colorful skateboards. Guests will feel at home, and experience a combination of modern vitality, decor and rich historic roots boasted by lower Manhattan.

Standard rooms range around $250 a night, suites around $500 a night.
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